Race Rules

Total race time is 3 hrs, the person with the most points wins. 

No helmet, no race. A messenger carries stuff for work, you are going to haul stuff during the race, you would go to work without a bag? Bring a big one!

You earn points by completing manifests, in order to get the next manifest you need to complete the previous one. Every stop counts as one point, you will not get minus points for making a pick up and not completing the drop off.

On top of each manifest there will be a field for you name and race number, remember to fill this in, the checkpoints won’t let you proceed if this isn’t done and will send you to the back of the line. There will also be a number of maximum points on each manifest, any extra points will not count.


At HQ there will be two different service desks, one serve as a manifest swapping station and one as a normal checkpoint, if super busy there will be separete lines for these desks. In the middle of the competition the amount of new manifests will start being limited, so only a certain amount of riders will be allowed to continue.

If two people scores the same the winner will be the one to first hand in their manifests, you can only win the Swedish champion title if you are living in Sweden, but you can still grab the top spot on the podium.

In addition to the stamps there will be some physical pick-ups and drop offs. These special ones are marked on the manifest, but it is your job to know were each item goes, when you pick up or drop off an items you still need the stamps on your manifest.

The race area, Slakthusområdet is fairly low traffic on weekends, but the race is not on a closed course, be careful in blind turns and don’t be an A-hole. Bad behavior will lead to disqualification, be respectful to your surroundings.

All manifests handed in late will not count, and in that case your points will be based on your previous manifest, the HQ entrance will close exactly 3 hrs after start, as long as you are inside the HQ within that time you are safe.