MultiRoll / 4L


A multi-purpose bag mostly intended for your handlebars, but it also likes to be a saddlebag. This is the bigger out of the two,  at 4 liters it fits most handlebars, the width can, however, be too wide for use with some drop bars with shifters. This is perfect if you want a bit bigger bag to bring tools, a jacket, snacks, and your phone all in the same bag. A super good bag to complete your touring bag setup.

The bag attaches to the handlebar with one-wrap velcro straps and to the headtube with a bungee cord with a cord lock. We are working on an order of voile straps to have as an upgrade option (for an extra charge), we love those things and highly recommend them with this bag, more on that later.

If you need a smaller and more compact bag we recommend the 2L version.

Features an HDPE Plastic insert piece to keep the bag sturdy.


14 cm x 26 cm


900.00 kr

Additional information

Main Color

Black, Burgundy, Foliage Green, Navy, Olive, Sand, Sand Digi Camo

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