My name is Lukas,

I worked as a messenger on the streets of Stockholm, Sweden for 4 years.

Jump back to November 2017… It was a wet and cold day, the coldest kind of day, the kind of day where your socks are wet from you start in the morning until you get off work next Friday..! I was hauling these envelopes around the inner core of the city, really easy deliveries or “Smör” as we Swedes call it.

Just before the last drop the bag I had then gave in to the almost zero degree rain and started leaking, the last envelope got wet.

I never really liked that bag, found all the features really weird, so I looked around for another one that fit my requirements for the longest time without luck.

Industrial design was my major in high school, I have always loved creating things with my hands, I have always known that I want to work with a creative job making stuff. Directly after I graduated I started my career as a messenger and fell in love. A bit more then a year passed between then and the cold November day I was talking about earlier, I had drifted away from designing stuff and was really sad about that.

But this was my call, I figured that if no one is making what I want I have to make it myself, and that’s where THLP Bags first started. I found a really old second-hand industrial sewing machine on the “Swedish eBay”  Blocket, got some materials from a local dealer and I was off!