My name is Lukas Borén,

I work as a messenger on the streets of Stockholm, Sweden.

It was a wet and cold (imagine a slushy) day in November 2017, a normal day for all of the very strong people working as messengers in my city. I was hauling these envelopes around the inner core of the city, really easy deliveries or “Smör” as we Swedes call it.

Just before the last drop the bag I had then gave in to the almost zero degree rain and started leaking, the last envelope got wet.

I never really liked that bag, found all the features really weird, I looked around after one that was how I liked it for the longest time but could never find one.

Industrial design was my major in high school, I have always loved creating things with my hands, from the first day I knew that I wanted to work with something creative. Then after I graduated I found my current work as a messenger and fell in love. A bit more then a year passed between then and the cold November day I was talking about earlier, I had drifted away from designing stuff and was really sad about that.

But this was my call, I figured that if no one is making what I want I have to make it myself, and that’s where THLP Bags first started. I found a really old second-hand industrial sewing machine on the “Swedish eBay”, bought some materials from a local dealer and I was off!


To work as a messenger and being close to the action has a huge impact on the entire design process, I’m not only sewing a bag, I’m creating a tool. Something that really has to work and you can trust. Just to be able to prototype and test things myself really helps and makes it fun. The standard test is that if I like it, hopefully, others will like it too.

I take pride in what I do, only the best materials are good enough and I’m always trying to improve every last detail.

My company is very small, even though sometimes I try to look bigger then I am, it’s still just me, sitting in my parent’s house and doing what I love.

THLP will never become a huge corporate company with a big factory pumping out bags, it will never have the fastest delivery times or the quickest responses, but the thing it will always have is a soul and a will to give back to the culture.


The name THLP started as an inside joke between my closest colleagues/friends and our dispatcher Jonas.

When Jonas gets confused or something unexpected happens, his standard phrase on the radio always is “Tjena Hej Leverpastej” or Hello hey liver paté in English. It’s silly I know, but it was fun.

We started saying Thlp to everything and the name kind of stuck, the same group of friends entered a scavenger hunt type of alleycat called “Not an alleycat”. It was basically a group alleycat were we got a list of dumb tasks that were awarded points, the dumber the task – the more the points…

We called our team THLP and went out on our mission, then we got almost the bottom of the paper and there it was…: Get a group tattoo! 500 points for each tattoo.

I don’t think we ever have ridden as fast as we did out to our messenger friend to get our shitty tattoos, he had sketched out a pair of bib shorts with the text THLP on one of the legs, it was perfect! He did 5 tattoos in less than an hour and we really got to hear it:

“Its a really angry guy in the apartment next door who is waiting on this machine…!”

“Stresstattoos guys, Stresstattoos!”

“I don’t think I ever has tattooed this fast before!”

“Whoops that line got F¤%ked but it’s okay because it’s a STRESSTATTOO!” 

Later on, when I started making bags it was easy, some say It’s because I had it tattooed on my leg, some that’s it for the good times our little group had but whatever the reason… the name is:  THLP BAGS.

So brush up on your Swedish folks: THLP BAGS is here to stay!